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Toren van het land
Tafel, Kamer, Huis, Toren, Bos, Land
HUISKAMER is housed within the self built home of Lot Doms and Bram Van Houtte in the residential commune of Deurne, Antwerp.
HUISKAMER was founded by visual artist Lot Doms as part of a reflection on her practice within the context of a home and its place within a family dynamics. Out of the interaction between Lot Doms' background and Bram van Houtte's craftsmanship, along with the desire to involve their three year old child Raoul in this exchange, they stretched and cultivated the collaborative approach that was applied to build their house. As such, their work with HUISKAMER today is a continuation of the modelling of their house. HUISKAMER is a space that embraces the proces and the need for collective making. It is a tactile evironment, revisiting domestic objects into modular propositions that merge the different observations made within its living room space. Not only is the house a symbol for connection and family, safety and comfort, HUISKAMER considers the house itself as a sculpture.
HUISKAMER will present own works and organize exhibitions that can settle in the atmosphere of the house. Artists are invited to reinterpret the space and to temporarily become part of the house dynamics, among adobe walls, a selfmade furniture, found wood and recuperated stone surfaces.
Guests Artists:
Nel Aerts - Angelique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard - Marie-Sophie Beinke - Tine Colen & Jan Van Goethem - Pieter De Clercq - Ode de Kort - Destroyers/Builders - Kasper De Vos & Liesbeth Henderickx - Stefaan Dheedene - Lot Doms - Celine Felga - Liesbet Grupping - Gerard Herman - Charlotte Koopman - Vedran Kopljar - Michele Matyn - Ria Pacquee - Yemo Park - Ann Rikkers - Tina Schott - Mima Schwahn - Jelle Spruyt - Yoko Theeuws - Dennis Tyfus - V&S - Sietske Van Aerde - Bram Van Houtte - Mieke Verbijlen - Ken Verhoeven - Sigrid Volders - Wiesi Will - Hans Wuyts
entrance: Bosselaersstraat 14, 2100 Deurne - Antwerp
email: mail@huiskamer.site
tel: +32 474 46 56 87